3rd ID personnel practice “fort to port” deployment process

Lieutenant Colonel Rebecca D’Angelo
841st Transport Battalion
3rd Infantry Division personnel participate in a subject matter expert panel, Jan. at the Army Reserve Center in Charleston, South Carolina

3rd ID personnel practice “fort to port” deployment process

On January 18, nearly 100 personnel from the 3rd Infantry Division traveled to Joint Base Charleston to visit the 841st Transportation Battalion and better understand the Armored Brigade Combat Team “hard-to-hand” deployment process.

The 841st Transportation Battalion, part of the 597th Transportation Brigade and Surface Distribution and Distribution Command (SDDC), is regionally aligned to support and execute the surface deployable capabilities of XVIII units. Airborne Corps, Army Reserve and National Guard units and all units deployed through strategic ports. in the eastern United States. As the single port manager for all Department of Defense cargo along the Eastern Seaboard, our mission is to plan, execute and integrate surface deployment capabilities, execute deployment support in installations and docking stations, and to conduct port operations on the east coast to project and support the armed forces in support of the requirement of the World War. Located on the Naval Weapons Station side of Joint Base Charleston, the battalion is part of the only CONUS complex with controlled military access to sea, air and land power projection platforms.

During their visit, 3rd ID personnel toured the 1,500ft TC Dock, a dedicated military port capable of supporting multiple brigade combat team uploads and downloads. They learned the roles and responsibilities of SDDC units and how ABCTs move between the seaport of disembarkation and their home station. Staff also learned about stevedoring contracts and related terminal services, which provide contractor labor that loads and unloads cargo from vessels under contract or owned by Military Sealift Command. These contracts allow the 841st Transportation Battalion and SDDC to provide the best possible deployment and distribution solutions to facilitate the achievement of national goals.

Personnel also received a brief from the 1189th Deployment Support Brigade and learned about Deployment Support Command’s role within SDDC and in support of large-scale combat operations. Colonel Harold Askins, the Brigade Commander, introduced 3rd ID personnel to the concept of Terminal Management Teams and Deployment/Distribution Support Teams and how these Army Reserve elements work with active duty units like the 841st Transport Battalion to prepare units for deployment to their home station and oversee the S&RTS workforce that is largely responsible for loading their equipment onto MSC chartered vessels . These memoirs helped personnel better understand how the Division could potentially deploy its brigades and learn more about how the SDDC supports 3rd ID and other units, in peacetime and wartime.

To wrap up the visit, personnel from 1189th and 841st participated in a subject matter expert panel, allowing 3rd ID personnel to ask questions related to their combat function and general readiness requirements that contribute to facilitate an efficient and smooth deployment process from fort to port. The 3rd ID Commander-Readiness Deputy, French Brig. General Jean-Pierre Fagué thanked both units for the educational experience and presented the commander of the 841st Transport Battalion, Lt. Col. Rebecca D’Angelo, with a coin thanking her for hosting the visit.

The command and staff of the 841st Transportation Battalion are always keen to provide units with training and professional development of leaders. We provide hands-on training in Port Operations, Line Head Operations, and Transit Visibility Systems here at our corporate headquarters located on Joint Base Charleston, SC. Units may also request DDST support at no cost to the unit for cargo document inspection prior to movement for training rotations or deployments. Contact Maj. Andrew Deel, 841st S3 Transportation Battalion, at [email protected] for more information.