AGB Investigative Services provides security consulting services in Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois- AGB Investigative Services is one of the largest black-owned security companies in the United States and is on a mission to eliminate economic inequality by providing intelligent security training and services to people, data and property. Since its establishment in 2001, it has more than 1,300 employees who are passionate about providing high quality services to all customers.

AGB Investigative Services’ security professionals combine cutting-edge technology with training and physical security to address emerging threats faced by their private and public sector clients. The courses and training provided to agents exceed the requirements of the State of Illinois to prepare them to deal with all threats, no matter how serious.

AGB Investigative Services has certified Six Sigma Black Belt Project Management Professionals who are not only security experts, but also skilled leaders, problem solvers and team leaders with a track record of improving productivity while eliminating errors. With security expertise at the local, state and federal levels, the company works with clients in a variety of industries, including government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, retail, manufacturing, utilities, commercial, residential, financial real estate, education, etc.

AGB Investigative Services provides security consulting services for customers who need a well-thought-out security plan to protect their assets. They begin the process by conducting extensive consultations to assess a client’s needs to determine if one of their services is the best fit. Once this is done, security professionals work with the client to design a strategy that will meet their needs or achieve their goals.

Security consultants approach problem solving in two phases. First, they identify onsite security issues, isolate the issue by analyzing potential risks, deconstruct issues by breaking them down to examine all contributing factors, and define the root cause of the issue. With this information, they design and build custom solutions based on their analysis before presenting the client with a comprehensive security plan to correct past issues and reduce future problems.

AGB Investigative Services also provides guard and patrol services for clients who require on-site security. These services include aerial surveillance drones, integrated security forces, special response teams, executive protection and community policing. Customers and businesses requiring background checks can rely on the security company for fingerprint services. They offer live fingerprinting, permission forms, and black fingerprinting.

Additionally, AGB Investigative Services specializes in background checks, cybersecurity, professional training and private investigations. They also provide well-trained guards, vehicle patrols and remote monitoring services in California, Michigan, Missouri, Washington, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey and in the District of Columbia.

To experience the AGB Investigation Services difference, call (773) 445-4300 for a free quote. They are located at 7545 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL, 60620, USA. For any inquiries about the security consulting services they offer, visit the company’s website.

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