Belvista Software LLC Announces Expanded Consulting Services

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Belvista software Chairman Christopher Ball is pleased to announce the promotion of employee Jacob Liddle to Director of Consulting Services in what is expected to be the company’s first step in expanding its consulting services. Liddle first joined the Belvista Software team in December 2021 as a Business Analyst. He brings with him over seven years of experience in the financial services and accounts receivable industries.

Prior to working at Belvista Software, Liddle led several projects primarily focused on automating workflow and reducing the need for manual intervention in IT and operational processes. His projects have included: automating supplier processes, digitizing the consumer correspondence workflow, and creating tools to replace common ad hoc scripting tasks.

By thoroughly analyzing the end-to-end process, identifying key gaps, and developing a solution that considers both human and technology elements, Liddle’s projects have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings. company and allowed the reinvestment of a lot of employee time in revenue-generating roles. In his most recent project, Liddle’s consulting expertise resulted in annual savings of $350,000 and the transition of 10 full-time employees to higher value roles.

Liddle strives to bring a holistic approach to technology and the people it supports by developing bespoke strategies that will work for the needs and processes of every business, regardless of scope or size. His new role is the first of several planned additions at Belvista Software as the company seeks to expand the scope of its consulting services.

Together, Liddle and Ball bring their extensive experience working with a variety of systems of record to help businesses streamline their automation processes, optimize workflow, and increase revenue. To find out more about how Belvista Software can help you, or for more information on the services available, interested parties are invited to visit or to contact us via the contact information provided.

About Belvista Software LLC

At Belvista Software, we know that you don’t have to be a big company to have a big impact. That’s why our comprehensive approach to debt collection software and IT consulting services provides affordable solutions that scale to any scale and size of business. From software development, implementation and conversion to day-to-day workflow management, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge technology with a human touch.