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Strong project management helps organizations use resources efficiently. Learning how to succeed on a project using project management principles will be the focus of a free interactive webinar on Wednesday, December 8 at 11 a.m.

Amy Tomaino, Senior Administrative Officer at the Goodman School of Business and Ken Klassen, Professor of Operations Management, will share their knowledge during the session as part of the Business Breathers series hosted by Goodman Group, community-driven learning from the Goodman School of Business and provider of development services.

Amy Tomaino, senior administrative officer at the Goodman School of Business.

Aimed at those wishing to broaden their scope of knowledge in the field of project management, the session will address common questions as well as questions from the public moderated by Goodman Group Director, Abdul Rahimi.

“Project management is a growing field that is becoming increasingly important in all types of workplaces,” Tomaino said. “Having knowledge in this area is a competitive advantage for employees looking to improve their current role or move into future positions.”

Ken Klassen, Professor of Operations Management

Topics will include a discussion of agile project management, the value of project management knowledge now and in the future, and how to use project management tools and techniques in non-projected environments.

“The seminar will discuss the most important ingredients for success,” Klassen said. “If there is an activity that involves a series of interrelated tasks, it is now evident in most companies that it is best managed as a project.”

Tomaino has held leadership positions in each of the private, public and education sectors and is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). She has managed projects in the areas of strategic planning, policy development and organizational development and was part of the project team for the St. Catharines Meridian Center design and construction project.

Klassen holds a doctorate in operations management and has taught project management to undergraduate and MBA students for nearly two decades. He was the project manager for the Goodman School of Business building expansion project and has extensive experience in the construction industry. He is currently President of Finance, Operations and Information Systems at Goodman.

Everyone is invited to attend the Business Breathers webinars. Topics focus on leadership, management and innovation as well as the financial and social impacts of hot topics. Interested participants are requested to register online. A confirmation email will provide a link to access the webinar on the date and time of the event.

For those interested in learning more about this topic, Tomaino will be leading Foundational and Intermediate Project Management Seminars for Goodman Group in February and March.

The Fundamentals Webinar will take place February 1-3 from 1-4:30 p.m. and will cover the essentials of project planning and management in interactive lessons. The Intermediate Project Management Webinar will run March 1-3 from 1-4:30 p.m. and will give attendees experience with detailed project documentation, planning, risk management, stakeholder engagement and will cover the use of project management software. Registration is $895 plus HST for each seminar and more details are available on the Goodman Group website.

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