Charity Digital – Themes – The Best Project Management Tools of 2022

With the advance of remote and hybrid working practices, which combine working from home and in the office, charity workers are increasingly dispersed and need help to interact.

Luckily, there are plenty of online project management tools available to make sure teams are organized, work gets done, and innovation happens, wherever they are.

Below, we outline some of the best tools available, considering the types of charities they will appeal to, ease of use, and most importantly, cost. Pricing is especially important in 2022 as charities tackle the cost of living crisis and the continued impact of COVID-19 on sector finances

Best Project Management Software for 2022


This tool is ideal for small charities because of its ease of use and low price.

Through Asana, broader goals around strategy can be defined and individual tasks can be entered. Different team members can be assigned tasks, forms and other templates can also be created to save time.

It can be easily integrated with popular apps that charities are likely to already use, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Drive.

Recent features include a Workflow Builder, through which charities can create automated processes to coordinate teams.

Pricing: There is a free version of Asana for up to 15 people and unlimited projects. Paid subscriptions start at £11.59 per month where the number of team members can be increased and more features can be added. Thanks to the charitable digital exchange, Asana offers £0 annual fee to charities for one year.

Large charities can find a useful tool for managing many projects across multiple teams. It offers more than 200 visual template boards to choose from, which will also suit everyone’s working methods.

Councils can be linked together to support the many interconnected projects of large charities across all departments, from marketing and IT to fundraising and public relations.

It also has a version specifically designed for charities, with functions such as managing grant applications, recruiting volunteers and managing donors.

Pricing: There is a free version of with few features. For the paid version, pricing is per ‘seat’, which refers to the number of users involved.

The Basic package costs £5 per seat and includes unlimited free viewers, while the Standard costs £9 per seat and includes more collaboration features. The Pro version costs £19 per seat and is suitable for more complex workflows. is offering discounts to non-profit organizations offering 10 free ‘seats’ and then an additional 70% discount on each additional ‘seat’.

smart sheet

The focus on mobile functionality makes Smartsheet Project Management an attractive prospect for charities with a large network of workers and volunteers who need access to project management software on the go.

smart sheet offers charities a range of collaboration and project management functions, including tracking, reporting, resource management and most importantly, planning tasks. Files can be attached from a range of tools and apps such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

It also includes customizable reports and dashboards to use for project management.

Pricing: To help organizations test the tool before committing to long-term use, Smartsheet offers a 30-day free trial. A monthly subscription costs between £5 and £19 per user.


HubSpot is a particularly useful tool for nonprofits looking to improve their marketing organization.

It offers a wealth of marketing-specific project management tools to help teams collaborate on areas such as newsletter design, content creation, and search engine optimization strategy development. (SEO). It can also help teams work together on web design.

In addition to its marketing hub, it has specific tools for operations, customer service, CRM and sales, while its project management features include blogging, marketing automation, analytics, email and social media management

Pricing: HubSpotMarketing Hub plans start from £38 per month.


Ease of use makes Trello a useful project management tool for charities who want to get up to speed quickly with project management software.

Basic project boards can be created with lists and cards for different topics and tasks. It allows managers to track tasks for multiple projects in one place using the workspace feature.

It can also be integrated with email systems such as Gmail, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Pricing: Trello has a free version that offers unlimited cards and up to 10 boards per workspace. Monthly subscriptions are available between £3.50 and £13.40 per user.

Paid versions offer additional features including more workspace commands per month and different views including dashboard, timeline and calendar view.


A more general tool is Wrikecustomizable to fit different types of teams through dashboards and workflows.

A nice feature is the ability to break down silos by providing access to different projects across departments. It also offers shareable Kanban boards for agile teams and also includes interactive Gantt chart graphics.

Pricing: A free version for one to five users is available offering limited storage. Paid plans for up to 200 users cost between £7.50 and £19 per user per month. Unlimited user plans are also available.