Coda releases next version of project management app

After releasing Coda 1.0 in February, Coda has released its biggest update yet for the project management app. According to a blog post by co-founder and CEO Shishir Mehrota, Coda 2.0 was designed to be simpler, cleaner, faster, and easier for teams to use.

The new version now has filters and conditional formats to organize the most common interactions of team members when working on documents. Additionally, building block comps are now drag-and-drop templates available in documents.

Building on the redesign that began in July, Coda 2.0 has fewer shadows, more open spaces, and section headers. Coda has also improved performance in an effort to make scrolling, calculations, searching, and section switching smoother on the project management app.

With Coda 1.0, creators and teams quickly outgrew their document lists and struggled to organize them. To try to combat this, Coda 2.0 includes a workspace and folders. Folders allow teams to add users to a team folder to automatically give them access to all documents. There is also a private work folder called “My Documents” which allows users to work on something separately, before dropping it into the team folder.

There are also new features for securing documents. Teams now has document-level and section-level locking functionality. Coda will also soon add a permissions feature, which allows manufacturers to ensure that users only interact with the information they need to modify.

Based on user requests, Coda has also added Cross-doc, which integrates Coda with other applications used by a team. It allows users to extract data from one document into another.

Gartner named Coda one of its 2019 “Cool sellers in content services“, citing its no-code programmability and ease of creating document-based applications as reasons for its inclusion in the list.

“The accessibility of this approach allows business users to create solutions (or adapt existing solutions) for coordinating and monitoring activities, collaborating, sharing information, allocating resources or modeling and process automation,” according to the Gartner report. “This is particularly useful in cases where the requirement may not be fully understood in advance, or where it is continually changing.”

Regarding the challenges of Coda as a project management application, Gartner pointed to competition from vendors working on “empowering non-technical business users” and long-term differentiation. Additionally, Gartner said awareness of what is possible is very low and often comes with some skepticism.

Document creation is free, but as they move to team tools, users can upgrade to a Pro, Team, or Enterprise plan. The Pro plan is $10 per month per document maker, the Team plan is $30 per month per document maker, and the Enterprise plan requires a consultation for a quote.