Constructor brings project management for software developers back to basics

Builder is a new user-friendly task tracking and collaboration tool designed specifically for software development teams.

The solution offers features for developers such as assignable comment threads, dashboard card highlighting, hideable backlogs, and project checklists, which they can use to collaborate on software projects remotely. , the company told VentureBeat in an exclusive interview.

Additionally, the company also reported to VentureBeat that it raised $1 million in pre-seed funding.

Constructor co-founder and CEO Seth Purcell explained, “The way software teams work has changed significantly over the past decade as teams have become more distributed, chosen leaner processes, and adopted new practices and new tools like GitHub, Slack and Figma. The tracking tools haven’t caught on because what’s needed isn’t new functionality; it’s a complete overhaul.

Constructor was built from the ground up to fit the way modern teams build software, Purcell said. Constructor has designed its offering to support asynchronous discussions and provides features such as checklists to increase transparency on the status of active projects.

Rethink project management

The builder has the potential to be a disruptive influence in the project management space, where legacy tools like Jira and Trello have failed to strike the balance between ease of use and collaborative features, necessary for meet the needs of remote software development teams amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Perhaps our most valuable feature right now is our new approach to feedback,” Purcell began. “Comments seem like an afterthought in Trello and Jira and similar tools. As a result, most teams have gotten used to collaborating in Slack.”

While Slack emerged as a popular collaboration choice for remote teams to allow employees to work from home early in the COVID-19 pandemic, software development teams found it poorly optimized for managing projects. .

“It’s very, very easy to miss questions or small requests in Slack because we’re all doing too many things at once, but with Constructor a threaded request won’t be missed,” Purcell said. “Comments are as lightweight as Slack, only you don’t need to provide context because it’s clear which ticket you’re talking about, and best of all, they don’t get lost in the shuffle.”

From a user perspective, Constructor’s minimalist design and transparency around the project management process is what sets it apart. It’s not a generic communication channel like Slack, and it doesn’t have a bulky, unwieldy GUI like Jira.

Instead, Constructor adopts a back-to-basics design, with a simple table view that sorts tickets into customizable stages, so users can view tickets categorized as to-do, in-progress, and published.

When in the board view, the user can click on a project’s exploration and view a description of its progress, as well as comments left by colleagues. Users can also create new tickets and tag other users to assign them projects. The user can then click on the “Highlight My Tickets” button to highlight the tickets assigned to them.

Ultimately, Constructor’s approach builds on the experience offered by tools like Jira while eliminating unnecessary clutter and embracing a minimalist design that allows users to easily create and assign new projects to their colleagues and to market new products.

“Software is growing rapidly in every corner of the economy, and the core tools that software teams depend on are changing rapidly. It’s bewildering that these teams have to choose between a lightweight but generic solution or oversized legacy products,” said explained Rob Go, co-founder and partner of NextView, one of the company’s investors.

The builder has the opportunity to create a new backbone for software product teams and eclipse legacy solutions in a way that companies like Notion, Figma or Gitlab have also done, Go said.

A new backbone for software development teams

Now, as the pandemic continues for the long haul, IT decision makers must turn to reliable, user-friendly, yet feature-rich project management tools like Constructor to ensure software development teams can work smoothly. optimal without being limited by the limitations of consumer applications. and emails.

The builder’s investors include Flybridge, Nextview, Soma, Capital and angel investors including Michael Baker, co-founder and former CEO of DataXu.

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