Godspeed Capital rebrands its leading engineering, architecture and consulting services platform as Stratus

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Enhances growth strategy focused on supporting public and private sector customers with a strategic focus in the high-growth US Southeast

At Stratus, the complementary alliance of these firms brings together a team of experts in the world of engineering, architecture and consulting covering a multitude of growing markets.

— Brandon Enochs, CEO of Stratus

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, October 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, private equity firm Godspeed Capital Management (“Godspeed”) announced the rebranding of its network of multidisciplinary engineering, architecture and consulting platform firms – under the name Stratus. Formed by the alliance of Prime Engineering, Austin Brockenbrough & Associates, Ascent Engineering Group and Zyscovich, Stratus provides innovative and differentiated design services and solutions to public and private sector clients globally, but with a strategic focus on serving high-growth economies in the Southeastern United States.

Stratus was created with a vision to create a diverse platform for large-scale engineering, architecture and consulting by partnering with the existing leadership of a family of companies individually and collectively focused on delivering innovative solutions throughout the project life cycle, from initial planning, design and feasibility studies to final construction management control. Stratus will continue to seek like-minded engineering, architecture and consulting companies aligned with our core values ​​and geographic focus to help further accelerate growth through investment in talent, technology and acquisitions. world-class targets. Stratus’ primary markets include commercial, industrial, transportation, education, federal, state and local infrastructure.

The four founding companies will continue to operate independently, leveraging their strong reputation and market presence, while benefiting from the additional resources of the Stratus platform, service offerings and deep project expertise to better provide creative solutions to our customers.

Stratus’ management team is led by a group of industry veterans, including:
* CEO Brandon Enochs, President of Prime Engineering – Brandon brings over 15 years of experience in the A/E/C industry, leading teams and delivering successful projects to customers. An accomplished leader, Brandon was previously Chief Operating Officer at Prime Engineering, leading their expansion into new geographies and markets while modernizing their operations.

* Bob Polino, COO, President of Austin Brockenbrough & Associates – Bob brings client-side and consulting-side insights to Stratus, having served as regional director of engineering and infrastructure for a pharmaceutical company responsible for dozens of operational facilities in North and South America. As a reputable leader, Bob brings over 25 years of industry experience.

* Chief Financial Officer Ted Williams – Ted is a finance professional with over 35 years of experience in the A/E/C industry. Prior to joining Stratus, Ted was Chief Financial Officer at Michael Baker International, where he oversaw and modernized the company’s internal finance, accounting and administration functions.

* Director of Human Resources Tom Farmar – Previously with Tetra Tech, Tom is a visionary and highly accomplished human resources leader in the A/E/C industry. He has extensive experience in talent acquisition and management, including experience in employee onboarding, leadership development, employee relations, executive coaching, team leadership and compliance legal.

To learn more about our leaders, learn more here.

“At Stratus, the complementary alliance of these companies brings together a team of engineering, architecture and consulting experts spanning a multitude of growing markets,” said Brandon Enochs, president and CEO of Stratus. Stratus. “The Stratus team has a proven track record of innovation and a shared culture of excellence, and we are committed to the continued professional development and advancement of our employees. I look forward to working with the entire Stratus team as we continue to deliver for our customers.

“We are proud to bring these exceptional companies together to form Stratus,” said Douglas T. Lake Jr., Founder and Managing Partner of Godspeed. “Stratus will have the breadth of capabilities, infrastructure, technology and resources to compete with the largest companies supported by a group of innovative, responsive and world-class professionals well positioned to produce superior solutions and ensure the success of our customers.”

Godspeed plans to invest additional equity alongside management’s equity co-investment to fund Stratus’ organic and inorganic growth. In partnership with Godspeed, Stratus will build on a culture of excellence by focusing on the professional development and career advancement of our employees by creating opportunities to work with cutting-edge technology on differentiated projects in a variety of sectors, both locally and globally. Stratus will invest heavily in developing and elevating world-class talent within our family of companies by offering multiple career paths spanning technical, project management, business management, business development and operations.

Stratus actively seeks partnerships with engineering, architectural and consulting firms in all of its key markets, including commercial, industrial, transportation, education, federal, state and local infrastructure. Founders, business owners and industry participants interested in learning more about Stratus should contact Godspeed at [email protected]

About Stratus
Stratus delivers solutions that connect people and communities to build a more vibrant world. We are a full-service engineering and architectural consultancy firm for the complete project lifecycle – from initial planning and feasibility studies to final construction supervision. Our highly technical and licensed team of engineers, architects, planners, designers and surveyors provide unique knowledge and expertise to help solve complex problems while empowering our customers and community partners to bring to life their plans. For more information, please visit the Stratus website at www.stratusteam.com.

About Godspeed Capital
Godspeed Capital is a private equity firm focused on services, solutions and technology for defense and government, investing alongside forward-thinking management teams who seek an experienced and innovative investment partner with unique sector expertise, operational vision and flexible capital for growth. While a typical investment will involve companies generating approximately $3-30 million in EBITDA, Godspeed Capital has significant support to achieve larger transactions through strategic co-investment relationships. The firm focuses on buy-outs, buy-and-builds, business exclusions and special situations. For more information, please visit the Godspeed Capital website at www.godspeedcm.com.

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