Greyfriars Project Management helps Norwich school complete construction in time for new term

Greyfriars Project Management stepped in to help a school in Norwich complete a development project in time for pupils to start in September.

The construction work has been undertaken to ensure that Angel Road Infant School can accommodate pupils from the neighboring Angel Road Junior School, after it closed in June 2021 for safety reasons.

Construction began on the shared site in the spring of 2022 with the arrival of Greyfriars Project Management in May amid pressure to meet the tight September deadline.

With the work completed on time, all students started school for the new term as planned.

“It was a race to finish in the fall – and we succeeded. With new mobile classrooms and outdoor spaces, the school is ready for students to use,” says Jon Barnard, director of Greyfriars Project Management.

Working with the Evolution Academy Trust, project management specialists provided a range of essential services that expedited work, including risk management, financial tracking, regular reporting, program support and design assistance.

“We provided procurement support for most of the work, which speeded up the process. We have also delivered master plan services, one of the results of which will be the creation of a new staircase-amphitheater access”, adds Jon.

As well as relieving short-term housing pressures, longer-term aspirations were also addressed, such as improving the flow of people around the school and renovating outdated areas to create a better environment.

Improvements included the realignment of fencing, the installation of mobile classrooms, the construction of a new walkway, upgrades to the early years play area and the installation of CCTV, among other changes.

“We helped manage key improvements, including the creation of four classrooms and inspiring outdoor spaces. Being part of this project has been incredibly rewarding and we are delighted that the children are enjoying the improvements,” concludes Jon.

Based in Norwich, Greyfriars Project Management specialize in providing expert project management support across the UK and helping to deliver development and infrastructure projects of all sizes for the public and private sectors.

Strengthened by the community interest, they are often involved in projects that aim to bring real public benefit.

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