How can you get a great project management certification on a $0 budget?

How can you get project management certification on a zero dollar budget?

Project management is a process that involves planning, organizing and controlling resources in the project. Certification helps you increase your career growth both in terms of financial growth and professional growth. To get certified, a person must go through a strict test preparation process. It involves routine study, research and practice and all of these help a person to successfully qualify for the exam.

Each certification program is equipped with a number of cost and project management certification courses such as PMP, CAPM, Prince2, etc., are no exception. In addition to the test fee, there are other fees related to study materials, practice tests, training, etc., that come. To avoid or minimize these expenses, you can take advantage of various free resources for your exam preparation. However, expert training is recommended for PMP and Prince2 certification. Below are some options that will help you prepare for your project management certification on a zero dollar budget.

Blogs and articles.

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One of the best ways to get started with any concept is to read related articles. Various articles available online that help you better understand the subject. Informative articles are available in the area of ​​project management and process management. From risk management to procurement and from time management to cost management, you can get an overview of all knowledge areas from this article. In fact, there are professional blogs like simplilearn blog where there are hundreds of articles related to project management topics for professionals like you.

Video lessons from YouTube

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After doing some good informative reading, you can through video lessons available at Youtube. You can choose the subject and make their list. Go through the videos on each and take the time to understand and visit the lessons several times to understand better. You can also get project management videos from various authoritative sites. This video lesson will help you better understand a topic.

Free live webinar.

Attending webinars is another way to prepare for the exam. During live webinars, you can ask questions about the presenter and get an immediate response. This way you can clarify your doubts about any concept. But the best way is to go through several readings and understand the concept, at least the basics before attending a webinar. This helps you understand better during the sessions. There are various genuine project management sites that run free webinars for free. There is also a recorded version of the webinar available online.

Online training test

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Practice makes men perfect and that is really true in terms of certification exam. If you plan to take the project management certification exam, practice tests are a must. There is an authoritative site where you can take advantage of free training tests and sample quizzes. By trying the CAPM Certification Mock test, you get the subject matter and the real nuances of the exam. Simplilearn offers free practice tests for PMP, CAPM and Prince2.

Discussion forum

While articles, video lessons and webinars help you understand the subject, the discussion forum gives you a view of real life scenarios. You have the opportunity to meet peers from your field and from outside who manage project management on a daily basis. Through this discussion, you feel the real world and the project. You can share real experiences and take ideas from others. Such discussions are very useful not only in the context of certification but also in professional work.

Project management events.

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There are various events organized by the project management agency, only a few are free while others are chargeable. You can attend these fairs and understand various aspects of project management. Such events are also useful for making business contacts. Often the company sponsor employees to attend the event to get a better view of project management.

Benefits of PMI Membership

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If you become a member of PMI, you benefit from various financial advantages. Although your testing costs are lower than the real value for non-members, you also have access to various study materials. As a member, you can take advantage of PMBOK guidelines, tools and templates, knowledge resources and also participate in PMI chapters and other project management communities. It doesn’t come with zero budget, but it’s definitely worth the amount paid.

These are 7 of the best ways to prepare for project management certification on a very limited budget. These ways are helpful but experts are very helpful to cheat your certification exam pass. If you have adequate knowledge and sufficient experience, with these steps you are good to pass the certification exam. For others, personalized training is important.

Various companies provide project management training to their employees. While certification helps you in your professional growth, it helps companies secure their position with quality employees and production. Some of the benefits of attending an expert-led project management training are mentioned below:

One-on-one interaction with a coach gives you confidence in certain concepts or topics

The real-life coach gives you an understanding of the practical world and helps you better understand theoretical concepts

During the training, you can interact with other project management professionals and share and gain knowledge with them

Training in building a basic terrain that helps you better during self-study and prepares you perfectly for the actual exam