ioneer awards engineering, project management and equipment contract to ABB

Posted by Paul Moore on February 10, 2022

ionist ltdthe emerging lithiumboron vendor, possesses reward a Major engineering and equipment supply Contract for ABB Inc. for the development of his Rhyolite Crete LithiumBoron Project in Nevada, WEA. the Contract possesses been reward on a limit notice for proceed (LNTP) base, with the supply of the equipment packages be conditional on a final investment decision (IDF) on the Pproject by ionist Plank of Directors. Below the Contract, the ABB team will be begin
work on systems engineering and optimization for the equipment packages, who include a steam turbine Generator, medium and low Tension electricI Distribution, Power management and plantlarge process automating and instrumentation systems for the generation, acid and lithium Processing plants.

ABB is a first global Technology the society with 130 years Track record in mining apps. ionist says ABBattracted on his complete ABB Capacity™ MineOptimize approach and wallet of optimized engineering, some products and systems, electrification and automating solutions, digital apps and remote services. ABB Capacity™ MineOptimize integrated individual minimalg solutions in a connected and structure plantlarge system for to optimise everything steps in the life cycle from pattern and to build for operation and a service of any to openpit or underground mine and minerals Processing plant. This approach aid mining companies for to optimise CAPEX and maximize productivity, sustainability and security.” ionist and ABB are both founder members of the Zero Emissions Transportation Association (ZETA) who is a industry coalition defend for Strategies for to encourage adoption of Electric Vehicles in the UNITED STATES.

ionist Manager Director, Bernard Rowe mentioned: the Contract with ABB is another important supply wrap award to Rhyolite Crete and represented Again another step in the development of the Project. To like other Suppliers we have in partnership with, ABB is concentrate on provide ecologically his engineering and Technology solutions. This aligns with ionist ambition for do not only produce materials necessary for to develop electric vehicle and renewable energy supply chain Infrastructure in North America, but for To do so in a efficient and ecologically responsible way by lowered emissions, significantly reduced the water use and a small surface footprint.”

ABB Division President Process Industries, Joachim Brown, mentioned: the Rhyolite Crete LithiumBoron Project represented a opportunity for the WE and the world for ensure the supply of the minerals needed for with success passage for sustainable transportation and have been proud for be part of this,” mentioned Joachim Brown, President of ABB Process Industries Division.We watch before for work with ionist on the engineering, equipment and project management as this progress development. This Contract provides disengage recognition of our live, to knowHow? ‘Or’ What, and worldclassroom technologies supported by our ABB Capacity™ MineOptimize. This is also important for Remark that our localized approach and strength in a service and secondary market have been important factors for ionist when this came for Choose a partner.