Joe Public Durban and Dunlop present Pothole FM

Leading creative agency Joe Public Durban and Dunlop Tires recently launched a campaign that South Africans can really resonate with – Pothole FM.

The campaign was inspired by a very real issue in our country regarding road safety and the fact that with Dunlop Sure drivers can rest assured that despite dangerous road conditions and potholes everywhere, Dunlop has you covered.

The campaign involved a lot of planning, especially behind the scenes – from pitching the concept to Dunlop’s CEO at the airport, then scouring KwaZulu-Natal for a big enough pothole to film a commercial there, until having to knock on the mayor of Howick’s front door for filming permits and finally to find a comedian who was not afraid of having rubble in his shoes – it was a production “only in Mzansi” through and through.

“The execution was thrilling, we hopped on a bus for a two hour ride to freezing Howick, to showcase South Africa to Pothole FM, the world’s first radio studio… in a pothole. Yeah, a real pothole! We set out to find the perfect road hazard and, with the help of a film crew and famed comedian Robby Collins, we recorded our radio ad from that pothole. Total manufacturing time? One day. We hit the road at 5am and arrived in Howick at 7am to record the radio announcement and film our campaign videos. After another two hours on the road, we headed to the studio to record the audio. And within four days, Pothole FM stolen,” commented Brandon Govender, Integrated Executive Creative Director, Joe Public Durban.

The CEO of Sumitomo Rubber South Africa, which manufactures Dunlop tires in Africa, Lubin Ozoux, said the Pothole FM The campaign is Dunlop’s way of ensuring South Africans are as confident on the road as they are off the road.

“The campaign was not only innovative but bold – we just wanted to show that you can have peace of mind with the Dunlop Sure Tire Cover. And because we’re so confident in the quality of our tyres, we’ve made Dunlop Sure free concludes Ozoux.

It didn’t stop there. Pothole FM was leveraged across all digital platforms with behind-the-scenes content, an East Coast Radio pothole interview, PR amplification and more. The goal was to launch the Dunlop Sure tire cover with an idea that spoke to the roads in a way only South Africans would understand. Because only in Mzansi will you find a pothole big enough to record a radio ad. And that in Mzansi you will find people brave enough to make it happen!

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