Kreshmore Group provides athletic consulting services to Bennie Baseball

LEMONT, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kreshmore Group Sports Advisory (KG Sports) has entered into an exclusive engagement with Bennie Baseball (Bennie) to lead and formulate an economic impact report for a new youth baseball and softball venue that will be located at Telfer Park in Beloit, Wisconsin. This comprehensive report quantifies the potential contribution of renovating the existing minor league baseball facility, Pohlman Field, as well as the benefit of developing an additional indoor practice facility with outdoor space being a practice facility and of events for a positive economic impact in the city of Beloit.

While evaluating market compositions and analyzing and modeling treatment programs, KG Sports offered business aspects on how best to manage outdoor programs, manage staff, increase revenue interiors and assess the actual costs and benefits of Bennie’s business plan for Pohlman Field. The KG Sports Economic Impact Report identified the positive impact for the town of Beloit over the next five years, including:

  • Economic indicators (cumulative effect over 5 years)
    • $9.25 million in additional spending for the benefit of the City of Beloit.

    • $1.71 million in additional expenses for local/regional accommodation.

    • $0.65 million impact on local sales and hotel tax for the town of Beloit.

    • 130,290 traveling players, coaches and guests visiting the City of Beloit.

  • Economic benefits – new/increased programs, event revenue and taxes, economic activity (replacement jobs), spin-off companies, reuse opportunities for Pohlman Field, local district impact, and additional economic activity (new jobs).
  • Non-economic benefits – community identity and visibility, civic pride, consumer benefits, development support and political capital gained.

The formation of a potential strategic partnership underscores Bennie’s ongoing commitment to the Beloit community, as well as dedicated efforts to increase the positive influence of year-round youth sports opportunities. Bennie’s goal is to attract teams, players and spectators to the Beloit Market and in turn generate revenue for existing youth sports and recreation facilities, and create economic impact through to direct expenditure in local and regional communities.

“The Kreshmore Group is delighted to have been able to provide Bennie’s team with their expertise in facilities consulting, sports programming and market research,” said David “DJ” Wabick, Partner at Kreshmore group. “We look forward to supporting Joe and Robert Bennie as their business continues to grow.”

About Bennie Baseball

Led by two former professional baseball players, Joe and Robert Bennie, Bennie Baseball is a premier development organization whose mission is to educate, train and inspire. Bennie Baseball offers programs for players of all ages and skill levels, with an emphasis on holistic development on and off the playing field. Joe and Robert are engaged in managing Bennie Elite Travel teams, various programs for surrounding communities and from the Illinois/Wisconsin Stateline area’s best indoor baseball practice facility in South Beloit, Wisconsin. Joe Bennie, a former Beloit Snapper, has dedicated his post-professional career to growing the game. Teaming up with his brother Robert, they have been able to grow Bennie Baseball significantly since its inception in 2019. To learn more about Bennie Baseball, please visit www.benniebaseball.comtoday.

About Kreshmore Group ®

Kreshmore Group (KG) started operations in 2009 through its predecessors and has become Chicago’s leading financial and sports advisory firm. The company serves a myriad of niche industries while focusing on lower-middle and mid-market businesses in the continental United States. KG assists its clients in financial services and sports advisory services with a focus on solving complex problems with unique solutions. Since 2016, KG Sports has worked on sports consulting projects with municipalities and government groups across the United States, as well as Tier 1 professional and major league clients such as the MLBPA, WBSC, USSAand S24LABS. Based in Lemont, Illinois, Kreshmore Group is known in the Chicagoland area as a tenacious and hyper-focused strategic consulting firm. To learn more about KG Sports, please visit KG Sports Consultingtoday.

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