Learn enterprise project management with this Agile training

If you’re ready to boost your career and salary, take these courses to become a project manager.

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For years, Agile project management has been recognized in enterprise environments for projects that require significant flexibility and speed. The sprint-based methodology is popular in many industries today and is particularly useful in conjunction with DevOps, the perpetuation of a continuous development lifecycle to ensure that projects and products are always up-to-date and running smoothly. highest possible level.

Agile project managers have on average a salary of $140,000 in the United States for good reason. So if you are ready to explore this lucrative field, check out The Complete 2022 Agile and DevOps Certification Training Package. It’s on sale for just $49 (normally $2,065).

This set of seven courses is organized and taught by iCollege, one of the most trusted online learning marketplaces in the world. Since 2003, iCollege has taught millions of students in over 120 countries some of the most in-demand skills today. They’ve partnered with Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies to ensure employees have the skills to thrive in corporate environments.

This bundle includes five EXIN-certified courses (rated 4.39/5 stars and above) that will prepare you to pass a number of Agile certification exams on your first attempt. You will validate your basic knowledge of Agile concepts and Scrum methodology before learning how to animate, coach and activate a cross-functional team as a Scrum master. Additionally, you will be able to estimate, plan, monitor and control processes using Agile principles before diving into DevOps.

In the final courses, you will understand what DevOps is, learn the three methods, explore the most common adoption methodologies, and learn how to create and scale iterative release plans using stakeholder collaboration.

Ready to lead an ever-changing and on-the-go project management team? Grab The Complete 2022 Agile and DevOps Certification Training Package on sale for just $49 today.

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