Observe.AI launches conversational intelligence consulting services

Observe.AIthe most robust conversational intelligence platform for improving contact center performance, today announced the launch of Conversational Intelligence Consulting Services.

This new suite of highly specialized and integrated services is designed to help contact centers accelerate the value of Observe.AI’s conversational intelligence platform. Contact centers benefit from Observe.AI’s deep technical expertise, cross-industry experience, organizational training and strategic guidance.

From implementation to ongoing optimization and long-term success, Observe.AI acts as a trusted partner and advisor to help contact centers align their technology with business goals. With Observe.AI’s expert guidance, contact centers can achieve deeper levels of actionable insights – tailored to their specific business needs – with the right models of automation, speech analytics, customer experience and revenue improvement.

Earlier this year, research from Observe.AI found overwhelmingly positive response from contact centers using conversational intelligence, including:

  • Contact centers using conversational intelligence were 10 times more likely to believe their business was prepared for the future
  • 92% agreed it helped them make strategic business decisions
  • 89% said it improved their ability to interact with customers
  • 89% said they improved their agent performance programs

“From our groundbreaking innovations in contact center AI to this new suite of services, we are committed to helping contact centers maximize the impact of their AI investments, reduce time to value, and promote scalable and sustainable business improvement,” Swapnil Jain, CEO and co-founder of Observe.AI. “We’ve helped hundreds of contact centers across industries harness conversational intelligence to reach new heights in business and process transformation. »

Observe.AI’s conversation intelligence platform leverages the most accurate interaction analytics in the industry, processing an average of one billion minutes of interactions per year. By methodically integrating the Observe.AI platform into their business process environment, contact centers can maximize the value and volume of tactical insights while accelerating repeatable workflows that drive business improvement. .

public storagethe largest self-storage services brand in the United States, worked with Observe.AI to automate key workflows and extract actionable insights for sales and customer experience results.

“Working closely with the Observe.AI team has allowed us to extract deeper insights from our customer interaction data and apply that insight faster and more accurately to drive action in across the organization. For example, we were able to identify the behaviors exhibited by our top sales agents and leverage them with targeted coaching to drive better conversion across all agents,” said Dilhara Kaluarachchi, Vice President of Sales Center. customer service at Public Storage.

With this new suite of value-added consulting services, Observe.AI will further amplify the benefits of conversational intelligence through programs such as:

  • Implementation Services – facilitate smooth technology implementation with system integration, configuration and design, change management and training, speech analytics services and automation
  • Speech and interaction analysis services – mapping of business goals to interaction analytics, with high-precision intent and entity identification optimized for specific business needs and context
  • AI Automation Services – end-to-end guidance and configuration of new AI program automation, including configuration, testing, calibration, go-live support and user adoption
  • Actionable Information Services – analysis and interpretation of omnichannel interaction data, with tactical action plans for performance improvement in areas such as CX, retention, sales, compliance, etc.
  • Business Value Consulting – unique guidance through identifying key ROI impact areas, setting quantifiable goals and measuring tangible results

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