PixelPlex Reveals Facts About Its Blockchain Consulting Services

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PixelPlex blockchain consulting helps facilitate enterprise workflows and business pain points by spreading distributed ledger adoption.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — PixelPlex, a blockchain-focused development and consulting company, reveals some interesting insights into its blockchain consulting services that are ready to help small and large organizations get into a decentralized ledger.

According to the company’s CEO, Alexei Dulub, its blockchain consultants aim to help clients improve their business workflow through the adoption of blockchain technology.

Regardless of corporate goals and business objectives, PixelPlex claims it can provide the insights needed to offer solutions to business pain points. Its blockchain consulting services not only provide examples of iconic use cases, they also shape technically versatile and feasible solutions to deliver mind-blowing efficiency.

PixelPlex consulting services involve blockchain implementation logic; development of tokenomics; financial modelling; advice on the technology stack; project management; blockchain training; product delivery; creation of MVPs; and integration of industry knowledge.

Through the development of the company’s tokenomics, it helps design efficient DeFi systems and unique NFTs that enable users to access emerging markets. To help its clients reach the right investment pool, PixelPlex promotes STO campaigns or end-to-end tokenization.

PixelPlex also helps companies turn their blockchain ideas into compelling and practical solutions. And to make sure, the company first evaluates the reason for creating a specific DLT. Thus, it examines the solutions envisaged to ensure that they are both financially and technically viable.

PixelPlex’s expertise is recognized across many industries. A few examples of industries where PixelPlex can adopt blockchain technology include logistics; Health care; retail; sharing economy, e-governance, social media, etc.

PixelPlex has an advisory process that ensures quality is maintained while performing its tasks. This process begins with research and analysis; then analysis of business processes; competition analysis ; documentation of initial requirements; high level estimation; developing user flows; financial modelling; estimate; and finally the project roadmap.

Since its launch in 2013, PixelPlex has pioneered distributed ledger technology to become one of the leading blockchain experts across multiple industries.

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