PMP Exam Mentor: An App for Project Management Aspirants

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If you’re a professional currently pursuing a project management certification, you’ve probably heard of the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Mentor app.

Free and highly rated, it has been downloaded 50,000 times on GooglePlay alone.

Developed by Kumud Sharma from Sydney, the inspiration came from her architect husband as he was preparing himself for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam.

“After a decade of working in Australia, my husband realized that project management played a valuable role in the success of any project,” Sharma said. indian link. “Understanding the essential role of effective project management, he decided to pursue a project management certification for greater credibility and career advancement.”

For the unfamiliar, project management is the process of managing and leading a team using specialized knowledge, skills and tools to complete a project successfully and within set limits such as time, project scope and the budgeted cost. Project managers help lead, remove barriers to success, and provide support to those delivering the project. Life itself is full of projects, whether it’s organizing birthdays, weddings, building a house or going on vacation, we are all project managers in one way or another. other !

PMP is a highly valued certification and can apply to professionals in a wide range of industries, including IT and construction. The preparation is undoubtedly long and expensive, but it is worth it as it can lead to better roles and a potential salary increase of 20-30%. To maintain certification once earned, project management professionals must demonstrate continuity by earning points for learning new skills, networking, and volunteering every 3 years.

As Kumud helped her husband prepare for his Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, which was demanding and exhaustive, she herself gained experience in project management through her experiences working as a manager in an institute. of training.

“I felt like helping other project management candidates replicate the success of my husband, who got this certification on the first try,” Kumud explained.

The idea came to create a tool that would allow professionals to easily work on their certification process. Kumud turned this idea into an opportunity and the PMP Exam Mentor was born – a free, comprehensive learning platform.

To her advantage, she was able to collaborate with her own family, husband and son (both IT professionals) who helped develop the application and provide technical support, while Kumud took care of the content creation, marketing, quality testing, market research and customer support. .

The app is made up of different sections, giving users a multi-dimensional learning journey, allowing them to choose how they learn, what they learn, and when they learn. It has 60 learning units including overviews, tutorials, exercises and assessments – which also help those who are already practicing to refresh their knowledge.

PMP Exam Mentor Task List Page

Kumud’s persistence in turning his idea into a real solution to help people can be an inspiration to many. “My greatest satisfaction is in giving back to the community and facilitating the exam and certification process for the aspirant,” Kumud said. “I’m especially happy when people say they passed the exam and can now access even better opportunities.”

She added with a smile, “As life always comes to a close, my daughter has now become a project manager and I hope she will use my app. PMP Exam Mentor get certified. »

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