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Every task is a project, in professional and personal life. Every project requires a strategic approach from conception to execution. These strategic approaches involve the use of different skills, tools, and timelines to achieve the desired goal. Project management courses provide those skills that enable you to effectively manage your operation.

Project management course

Do you need to learn project management? If you do, you will be able to successfully approach the different phases of a project to ensure their completion. This includes:

  • Resource management
  • Agility
  • Better budgeting
  • Leadership skills

Leadership skills: from motivating employees and colleagues to adopting and developing new strategies along the way, it is the responsibility of the project manager to drive a quick operation. Leadership plays the most important role in project management. It is mandatory to have leadership skills specifically designed for project management.

Resource management: in each project, resources are limited and must be used in an optimized way. Online project management courses allow you to properly manage project resources with the skills you need.

Agility: at different stages the plan or methodologies of a project may change, in times of change it is mandatory for the project manager to come up with quick responses. These online courses give you the skills to be agile and adapt to change.

Better budgeting: National and global economic conditions cause market instability and price fluctuations. Good budgeting allows you to withstand any changes that may occur during the life of the project. And you can acquire these skills by taking courses in project management.

The Best Project Management Course

Project Management Fundamentals: teaches you how to apply project management theories. You will be able to build a Gantt chart and use the PMP or PMI method to do project management. The course also teaches you about the 12-step process: define a project, list tasks, estimate, publish, Gantt charts, resources, risk analysis, monitoring process, monitor costs, adjust a plan and revise it.

Best Project Management Courses for Beginners

Online project management courses are offered for different levels of entry, beginner, intermediate and expert. These courses are also prepared to accommodate specific specializations in project management. Here are the best project management courses for beginners

Learn Project Management for Beginners: Level 1 Course

Based on the fundamentals of project management, the level one course will discuss the different groups of project management processes. Lessons also cover what makes a project, initiating a project, planning a project, and staffing a project. In addition, it will explain the responsibilities of the project manager.

The Complete Project Management Fundamentals Course + CERT

This duration of 11 hours course on the fundamentals of project management, briefly explains the basics of project management and the phases of a project. You will learn planning, scheduling, budgeting, agile methodologies and risk assessment. The lesson then expands on the project management toolkit, including agile/scrum and digital collaboration and coordination. Plus, it contains instructor-led real-world examples and a digital certificate of completion.

The essentials of project management

The essentials of project management teaches you the important concepts of project management, the stages of project management and the duties of the project manager. You will understand how project management applies to small and very small projects. What makes a good project manager, risk management planning and closing a project are also covered in the course.

Intermediate Project Management Courses

As you move forward in project management, you will be able to answer questions such as how to select a project management methodology? What project management methodologies should you use? What is the PMP certification? The following online project management courses help you do just that.

Modifications and closure of the project (PMI – PMP)

Modifications and closure of the project (PMI – PMP) is specially designed to teach you how to manage change during the project. It introduces and extends the built-in change control process and helps you recognize different configuration management activities. In the same way, it will explain how to close a project and the phase of a project. It is also one of the certification courses for Project Management Professionals (PMP).

Agile project management in 30 minutes

This intensive course, Agile project management, defines and describes what agile project management is and the benefits of using the agile management methodology. In 30 minutes, you will gain the basics of agility, pitch the idea to project members, implement agility in your project, and assess your agility.

The Project Management Course: Beginner to Project Manager

From beginner to project manager The course is made up of case studies with over 15 practice templates and documents, and a Microsoft Excel tutorial for project management. Agile and waterfall project management is briefly discussed. You will learn what Scrum is and how to perform it. And finally, you will be able to choose the project management methodology to use.

Advanced/Expert Level Project Management Course

Preparation for the PMP certification exam (PMBOK + practical exams)

Preparation for the PMP certification exam (PMBOK + practical exams) is a preparation course that covers everything you need to study, take, and pass the PMI PMP Certification Exam. The 30-hour course is updated for 2022 and gives you the required 35 PDUs/contact hours upon completion. In addition to this, there are two practice exams to prepare you.

Comparison of Agile and Waterfall Project Management

Comparison of Agile and Waterfall Project Management The course is prepared by two experts in Agile and Waterfall project management. It dives into Agile and Waterfall and shows you how to choose between these methods using real-life project examples. Examples also include reasons why projects may have failed.

CAPM certification: preparation for the ultimate CAPM exam

The Ultimate CAPM Exam Preparation The course is a course that prepares you for the Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) exam by providing the required 23 Contact Hours (PDU). The course also contains 2 CPAM exams and more than 1,000 preparatory questions, as well as examples of real-world projects. It also covers the 5 project management process groups and the 10 project knowledge areas.

Are there certifications for online project management courses?

  • There are several professional certification courses (PMP) and CAPM
  • Other than that, all the courses listed above award you a certificate of completion

How much do project management courses cost?

  • Online project management for beginners costs an average of $75, intermediate courses cost an average of $85, and advanced courses cost an average of $100.

What insurances are there?

  • For every course offered by Udemy, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to learning materials and videos on both mobile and TV.

Do large companies use these courses?

  • Major companies such as Nasdaq, box, NetApp and Volkswagen have offered these courses to their employees.

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