Project management expertise sought at DSTL

Great Project Managers are needed to help Dstl deliver its extensive program of specialist science and technology work to the Department of Defense and the wider government.

Offering exceptional benefits and strong career development prospects to its employees, Dstl is the science within UK defense and security and an executive agency of the Ministry of Defence, helping to protect our nation.

Project Managers are essential to providing Dstl’s expert research, specialist advice and invaluable operational support in a fascinating variety of fields, from cyber and artificial intelligence to weapons and explosives.

In return, Dstl provides an excellent career path, continued professional development through training and education pathways, and membership in professional bodies.

The increased demand for project management skills reflects the requirements identified in the 2021 Integrated Review and the projects and programs included in the MOD’s science and technology portfolio for 2022 and beyond.

Carl, Project Manager in the Exploration Division, says:

I am currently working on a project with a wide range of investigations ranging from DNA to neuromorphic and quantum computing.

In addition to the projects I help deliver, Dstl offers an excellent career path that can take you from Project Support Officer to senior project management roles.

Continuing professional development is actively promoted through a multitude of training and education pathways and membership in professional bodies.

Helen, Senior Principal Project Manager, says:

I deliver exciting science and technology (S&T) activities across defense and broader government. We do amazing work and it’s great to be a part of it. No two days are the same and every day is a learning day.

The strengths of working at Dstl are people, our values, diversity and inclusion and of course flexible working. The sky is the limit if you are determined to succeed and the variety of work through Dstl is second to none.

You don’t need a background in science and technology, just great project management skills.