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Project management is vital for all organizations. Launch a new product, build a new plane or building, developing an information system or setting up a new training program are all examples of projects.

This module examines a variety of case studies from commercial and public sector organizations to illustrate the broad range of challenges faced by project managers and why project management failure occurs. You will develop key skills necessary to carry out projects and acquire knowledge of basic concepts, techniques and their applications, using a series of exercises to develop key project management skills.

You will learn the importance of planning ahead while being prepared for the unexpected.

This module covers the following main areas:

Project life cycle: the characteristics and main issues of project management are discussed; brief case studies are used to illustrate the range of project management applications; the life cycle from concept to implementation and operation is described.

Project planning: the notion of project network; exercises are deployed to develop text translation skills description in network models; activity duration estimation techniques are reviewed; the role of the network, for example in estimate overall project duration, milestone dates and identify critical path.

Financial evaluation and modelling: the principles of financial modeling and its role; financial metrics (e.g. ROI, NPV, SORTING)

  • Manage multiple objectives and trade-offs
  • Project resourcing – team management and relations with service providers
  • Change management in projects
  • Assessing project success and failure
  • Deployment of MS Project as a project planning tool