Project Management Institute and New Horizons forge partnership to boost youth employability in Nigeria

The Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading association for project professionals, has announced a strategic partnership with New Horizons, the nation’s leading ICT training and examination institute. The partnership aims to stimulate the employability of young people by preparing them for the project economy. New Horizons will deploy PMI’s products in universities and businesses.

New Horizons Nigeria is a franchise of US-based New Horizons International, the world’s premier ICT training institution. New Horizons International is renowned for its global impact, with offices in 85 countries, a daily student attendance of over four million, and the top choice of top Fortune 500 companies for their training needs.

As part of the agreement, New Horizons, a Tier 1 Authorized Training Partner for PMI, will deploy a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) to 19,000 university students. Young people will benefit in several ways, on the one hand, by accessing a program in line with industry requirements and, on the other hand, by being job-ready for several management-oriented job opportunities. projects unlocked by the project economy.

PMI believes the future of work is project-based and teams will deliver on values ​​and strategic goals. Careers will increasingly revolve around a portfolio of projects rather than a bulleted list of static job responsibilities. More exploratory projects will require different methodologies and frameworks, requiring project managers to adopt the most appropriate methods, management styles, and thinking.

Globally, the value of project-driven economic activity over the decade is expected to reach $20 trillion. PMI’s Talent Gap report projects that the number of jobs requiring project management-focused skills due to economic growth and retirement rates will create a global need for 25 million new project management professionals. by 2030, which means 2.3 million project managers will need to work in project management-focused roles. every year.

During this decade, Sub-Saharan Africa will experience 40% growth with job opportunities focused on project management considered the largest in the world.

George Asamani, Business Development Manager, Africa, PMI, said, “This partnership is very strategic as New Horizons will deliver courses relevant to many of Nigeria’s growth-driving industries and sectors. When companies compete for these skills, Nigerians can expect better prospects for employability and earnings.

“Our certifications are recognized globally, which means Nigerian youth will also be able to tap into the booming remote work market.”

The goal of New Horizons is to train as many Nigerians as possible on eight core PMI certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP ), Program Management Professional (PgMP), Project Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP), Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) and Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA).

“The labor market in Nigeria is characterized by a significant mismatch between the skills demanded by industry and those possessed by young people. We see it across the continent and not limited to Nigeria. We know what tomorrow needs; so we decided to partner with PMI to bring relevant training and education to young people in the contemporary job market,” says Tim Akano, MD, New Horizons Nigeria.

“Nigeria sits on a demographic gold mine that could transform the fortunes of the country. However, if the issues of skills mismatch and lack of digital skills are not addressed, young people will continue to miss out on opportunities in the labor market.”

To ensure young Nigerians can fully participate in the economy by pursuing in-demand skills, New Horizons is offering 100% scholarships to disadvantaged students. It also helps solicit sponsorship from wealthy people and allows students to pay in installments.