Project management ranks as the most in-demand skill among high-level talent in 2021

July 28, 2021

Project management is the most in-demand skill in 2021, according to a report from Business Talent Group, an online marketplace for high-level freelance talent.

The second most in-demand skill was “market landscape and research.” BTG noted that with the two core competencies, companies are looking for talent to drive critical workflows and transformations to explore new business and product pipelines.

BTG’s report is based on an internal analysis of its data. The company places high-level professionals such as management consultants, subject matter experts, interim managers and more.

The 10 most in-demand skills based on the number of requests for each skill over the past 12 months are:

  1. Project management
  2. Market landscape and research
  3. Organizational design and workforce planning
  4. Growth strategy
  5. Process optimization and transformation
  6. Corporate and business unit strategy
  7. Market access and value
  8. Strategic planning
  9. Advanced Analytics
  10. Program Management Office

BTG also listed the 10 fastest growing skills based on a year-over-year comparison of the number of requests, with “compliance strategy and process” at the top of the list. It increased by 700%. In propelling the competency, BTG reported that companies are strengthening risk management, strengthening privacy initiatives and improving digital security, among other efforts.

The 10 fastest growing skills are:

  1. Compliance strategy and process, up 700%
  2. B2B marketing, up 450%
  3. Portfolio strategy, up 263%
  4. Forecast, up 260%
  5. Channel management, up 250%
  6. Service operations, up 233%
  7. Capital raised, up 200%
  8. Clinical Solutions, up 200%
  9. Shared services, up 200%
  10. Data management, up 175%

“From providing core skills such as market analysis and project management to niche expertise in growing areas and functions, high-end freelance talent fuels growth, optimizes operations and generates market-moving results across all areas of the commercial landscape,” Jody said. Greenstone Miller, co-founder and co-CEO of BTG.