SCCG partners with J2M to provide esports and metaverse consulting services to the casino industry

Gambling and sports betting advice SCCG Management announced tuesday a partnership with the American company J2M consulting firm to provide consulting services in the areas of gaming, esports and the metaverse to the casino gaming industry and its B2B suppliers.

In a press release, the company said video games open up “endless possibilities and opportunities” for brands that want to enter this space “creatively and authentically”. From future metaverses to professional esports to casual mobile gaming, “there are so many different audiences to target,” says SCCG.

The founders of J2M have spent their entire career communicating with this audience, an audience they are also a part of as gamers themselves,” the SCCG added.. The company combines more than 55 years of knowledge and experience in the gaming, esports, and metaverse universe into a single company, thanks to the careers of co-founders John Gaudiosi and John Benyamine, according to a press release.

John Gaudiosi, partner at J2Msaid: “We have known Steve Crystal and SCCG for years and wanted to find a way to work together. This partnership combines our expertise in video games, esports and the Metaverse with SCCG’s leadership in sports betting, gambling and gambling. just as these very different worlds are looking for new business opportunities.”

Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Managementstated that the partners of J2M is “deeply embedded” within the global video game industry, having covered it for over 25 years in international print, online and television media “for millions of professional and consumer readers and viewers. audience”.

Their work has been distributed and seen by renowned publisherssuch as The Washington Post, Reuters, Fortune, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, Wired, IGN, USA Today, Tribune, The History Channel and Starz.

This type of highly credible, practical and strategic industry knowledge makes J2M essential consulting partners.having proven their value with customers such as Tencent, Alienware, AMD, Skybound, Skydance Interactive, Xbox and Meta,” Crystal concluded.