Staffing Word of the Week

April 27, 2021

According to a survey conducted last year by SIA in the “Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey: 2020 Americas Results” report, the majority of large companies that use recruiting include guidance on “work statements” in their workforce programs. occasional work.

It found that 55% of large companies include SOW management in their contingent workforce program and 34% plan to do so within the next two years.

SOW Consulting Servicesis also the word of the week on this week’s endowment.

The SIA Lexicon defines it as “The Statement of Work itself is a document that captures the products and services of the work, including but not limited to the work activities and deliverables to be provided as part of the work. of a contract or as part of a project schedule. Unlike a typical temporary or contingent work arrangement which is billed based on time worked, SOW agreements are sometimes billed based on a fixed price deliverable or for achieving specific milestones. Like typical contingent arrangements, they can also be time-based billing, including arrangements where there is time-based billing that is capped at a certain “not to exceed” level for time and materials.

Full Lexicon is available online free of charge.