The 8 Best Ways to Use Google Workspace Apps for Project Management

Many organizations use Google Workspace as a collaborative office suite. However, they ignore that the same applications can also be useful for project management.

By using Google Workspace apps, you can get the most out of them and avoid having to integrate additional project management tools. This article explains how you can make full use of Google Workspace apps for project management.

1. Collaboration and monitoring of project tasks

Google Sheets Project Tracking Template

Most projects require collaboration between teammates. Even if you have a distributed team working on a project, the cloud Google Workspace apps can help you collaborate easily. You can use Sheets to plan the project and create Gantt charts to manage tasks and deadlines.

Team members should regularly update their progress in the spreadsheet. Thus, the sheet always contains up-to-date information. It can also work as a task tracker or time tracker for the team.

With Google Calendar, discover the free and committed hours of each team member. Sharing notes with teammates and staying organized using a to-do list is possible with Google Keep.

2. Effortless Team Communication

It goes without saying that Gmail is one of the best email service providers in the world. If you use Google Workspace, you don’t have to think twice to ensure flexible and clear communication between your team members. Gmail is here to facilitate seamless team communication.


You can create a “Groups” mailing list and add all team members in this group. Then you can only use one email address to share information, resources, and updates with the whole team.

People working on multiple projects at the same time can tag emails related to different projects. Thus, emails with different labels will be stored in separate folders. You can also star important emails to find them quickly.

3. Plan your team’s resources for the project

Project managers often struggle with assigning and scheduling tasks to team members for a new project while other projects are in progress. If they’re using Google Workspace, the Calendar app might offer a simple solution to this problem.

Team members can mark their tasks and schedules in a shared calendar. So everyone will know who is busy until what date and assign new tasks accordingly. Teams can use it to monitor deadlines and milestones and to receive reminders.

You can create separate team calendars to track vacations, meetings, and training sessions.

4. Share and store digital data

Modern projects need secure storage for files and documents containing critical data. At the same time, project members should have 24/7 access. The Google Drive application is there to store all your files, documents, images and videos related to your project.

This cloud-based file storage app can store your files securely. If you make changes to the files, they are synced instantly. This way, any other team member can access the updated content.

Google Drive’s sharing and access controls make it easy to work collaboratively. For example, you can share a draft of a file with the client for approval with permission to view the document only.

Also, you can create separate shared drives for different project teams and share them with them for quick access.

5. Create reports and presentations

Are you looking for a tool to create catchy and explanatory reports? Would you like to include various charts and graphs in these reports? Google Sheets is the app for you. It helps you share any type of digital data in the most appropriate style. It also allows you to work collaboratively on a report.

Presentation is another crucial part of projects. The Google Slides app is the perfect presentation creation tool from Google Workspace. You can use it to share your vision, describe team performance, and visualize vital data.

While working remotely, it is also possible to share Google Slides presentations during video conferences using the screen sharing feature of Google Meet.

6. Putting the project online

Sites is the Google Workspace application using which you create high-quality sites without programming or design knowledge. You can use Google Sites for a project, event, or team.

You can use Google Sites as a hub to store all documents, updates, timelines, calendars, and deliverables. It will allow all teammates to access all project related information from one place.

7. Team meetings and conversations

Teams working on a project need to stay in touch all the time. Besides email, they can use Google Workspace Chat for instant messaging and the Google Meet video calling app for virtual meetings.

Besides direct messaging to individual members, Google Chat also supports group chats so teams can collaborate seamlessly from remote locations. When using Chat, you can also share files with other people and work on a task.

Google Meet supports both audio and video calls, so you can connect with your colleagues whenever you want. You can still work on a document side-by-side in a meeting on Google Meet, taking collaboration to the next level.

During a meeting, you can also use the Keep app to take notes and write minutes. You can easily share these notes and attach them to other documents.

8. Document management and collaboration

Teams working on projects have to manage many documents. The situation becomes problematic when they have to collaborate on these documents. Distributing documents manually and editing them separately can hamper team performance and lead to project delays.

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Google Workspace users can try Docs and Sheets to manage documents. Multiple people can access and work on these documents simultaneously. Whatever changes you make to documents and spreadsheets will be visible in real time.

It is also possible to comment and offer comments on the same documents. With the version history feature, you can easily track who made changes to documents and when.

Project management made easy with Google Workspace

Companies often use multiple applications and tools to manage various aspects of a project. If you already use Google Workspace apps, these can also help you with project management.

Now that you know how to use its applications to manage project related tasks, project administration will become easier. However, there are other workspace facility providers outside of Google that you might want to check out.

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