Tips for maximizing the value of cloud consulting services

Optimize cloud strategy to meet business needs and research specific technology recommendations.

Cameron Hatton

As a CIO, you know that making smart technology decisions is key to business success. Figuring out which decisions to make can be a daunting challenge, especially when dealing with a complex and ever-changing field like cloud computing.

That’s why CIOs regularly turn to cloud consulting firms, which offer the expertise businesses need to do the right thing. choice of platforms and cloud services to usehow to structure cloud workloads, how to scale cloud environments over time, and most importantly, how to align cloud investments with business outcomes.

While providing insights like this is the goal of most cloud consulting relationships, the value CIOs receive from cloud consulting companies depends on the specifics of their interactions. Being strategic in how you work with cloud consultants is just as important as making strategic decisions about how you ultimately use the cloud.

Tips for maximizing board value

That’s why we’ve put together this list of best practices for maximizing the value CIOs get from cloud consulting firms. No matter where your company is on its cloud journey or what your level of experience working with cloud consultants is, these tips will help you maximize the results of your consulting relationship, both both technological and commercial.

What does expert cloud consulting offer my organization?

Before we dive into best practices for engaging with cloud consultants, let’s cover the basics of what CIOs should expect to get from cloud consulting services.

The primary purpose of cloud consultants is to provide cloud adoption expertise that companies lack internally. Except in the case of very large enterprises – Google, Amazon and others – most organizations lack the in-depth knowledge of different cloud platforms, architectures, deployment and management tools, etc., that is required to take the best decisions about when and how to take advantage of cloud services. Cloud consultants, who specialize in mastering cloud technology and keeping abreast of its ever-changing development, fill this knowledge gap.

But providing information and advice is only one role of cloud consulting companies. Consultants should also be able to help CIOs align cloud computing strategies with their unique business needs. Every company’s IT stack and requirements are different, so everyone should take a different approach to the cloud.

Equally important is helping businesses learn the cloud technologies they are adopting. Consultants shouldn’t just tell companies which cloud services to deploy. They should educate their customers on how to get the most out of these technologies. Enablement, knowledge transfer, and skill enhancement are essential elements of any effective cloud consulting engagement.

Getting the most out of cloud consultants

All cloud consulting relationships have the potential to deliver the value described above. Whether CIOs fully unlock this value depends on…