Weber Shandwick to rebrand and increase investment in consulting services | PR

Weber Shandwick is changing his name in January to highlight his diverse abilities.

The global agency is also unveiling the Weber Shandwick Collective, which will serve as an umbrella for the strategic communications and advisory network, housing its agencies: Weber Shandwick, United Minds, Powell Tate, Revive, Resolute Digital, Flipside, ThatLot, KRC Research and Cappuccino.

It will also include Weber Shandwick Futures, which will focus on strategic corporate media consulting. Chaired by Weber Shandwick Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Perry, Weber Shandwick Futures will identify potential investments, partnerships and M&A opportunities to support clients. Its first partnership is with venture capital firm Social Starts, which uses analytics to invest in start-ups. In a written statement, Perry said the company will help Weber Shandwick reach start-ups most likely to offer new and differentiating services to customers.

As a recent example, in September Weber Shandwick partnered with Blackbird.AIcreation a media safety center to advise clients on the potential risks of misinformation and misinformation.

The agency is investing in its consultancy work, which has seen outsized growth across brands. This includes double-digit growth in transformation management consulting united minds over the past year.

“We’ve been intentional over the years about how we’ve built Weber Shandwick, about building specialty brands,” said Gail Heimann, CEO of Weber Shandwick. “It was clear to us that we weren’t necessarily showing visibly to the world, our customers, the public, the industry, our power and scale, so our ability to build the kind of integrated approaches and campaigns that we do. “

The rebranding helps articulate the full suite of services with diverse agencies in areas including earned media, digital and creative services, organizational transformation, public affairs and consulting, she said.

The creation of the Weber Shandwick Collective reinforces the “power to bring multi-brand integration with new ideas,” Heimann added.

Clients within the collective work with integrated teams with specialties across all branches. For example, working with core brand Weber Shandwick, they could leverage the mobile and digital expertise of Flipside or the public affairs savvy of Powell Tate.

“The team would be seamless and frictionless and whatever suits the mission at hand,” Heimann said.

In PRWeek’s 2021 Agency Activity Report, Weber Shandwick reported global revenue of $831 million, down 4% from the prior year.