Webinar on creative project management – ​​tech.mn

Webinar Workshop Agenda: Creative project management

4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Workshop lessons

  • What is Project Management?
  • Development of a project plan and risk management
  • Project scope, time management and budget
  • Project progress display

For the past 3 years, in addition to our client services, Monicat Data has provided private data analysis and technology support workshops for creative teams.

Our annual yellow top programming brings strategic dialogue to the creative community. The Yellow Summit connects creative teams and freelance creatives with strategic thought leaders in the creative industry.

Monicat Data is proud to present “Yellow Circle,” which includes our data insights, technology workshops, and future Yellow Summit programming.

We are kicking off our 2020 Yellow Circle activities with an interactive workshop on Creative project management


Hosted by Cassie Utt and Jasmine RuKim of Monicat Data

Cassandra Utt | co-founder, project manager of Monicat Data

Has eight years of experience in information technology solutions, project management and business strategy for creative organizations and manufacturing companies. She brings a perspective of collaboration in remote project management, facilitation and team building. In her local community, she participates as an opera and theater performer.

Jasmine RuKim | co-founder, CEO of Monicat Data

She has 10 years of strategic and creative expertise in the following areas: R&D, marketing implementation, digital analysis and technological design. His discipline has been practiced in the creative markets of the retail, consumer products, arts institutions, entertainment, non-profit organizations and publishing industries. In her local community, Jasmine teaches as an adjunct teacher at the Minneapolis College of Art and Designand active member of the community council.