Why Project Management is Necessary in CPA Firm IT

When service professionals from different departments of the accounting firm are allowed to research and implement their own solutions, technology ends up being siled into different service lines, which can have a very negative effect on the firm.

Too many solutions and applications. The company ends up with too many technologies of which it only uses a fraction. For example, tax and insurance departments may use different workflow solutions, communication tools, document management solutions, and client collaboration tools. Often these solutions do the same thing but are used differently by different departments.


The technology is only half implemented. A department can get 60-90% of the way to implementing a solution. But when professionals focus on customer service, the solution is never fully implemented. As a result, the company never achieves the full ROI of its technology investment.

Technology dies on the vine. The person who was passionate about a particular solution escalates or moves on, and no one else assumes the role of champion. Usage declines and eventually the company abandons the technology in favor of someone else’s preferred technology. If you’ve seen any of these signs in your company, it indicates poor project management around technology.

The Role of Project Management in IT

Many successful companies now prioritize project management in IT to avoid technology silos and all the problems they create. This can take the form of a full-time project manager or an investment in project management training for your IT professionals. Either way, project management can make technology more efficient across the business by:

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