ZTE and IPMA China (PMRC) Enter into Strategic Cooperation for Project Management Innovation

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation and IPMA China (PMRC) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for project management innovation in the current era of VUCA, continuously enriching project management knowledge and practices in the telecommunications industry.

“ZTE has fully leveraged its advantages in operating international projects, implementing localized projects and digital project platforms, and created excellent project management practices in various fields around the world. said Sun Fangping, senior vice president at ZTE. “The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement represents a new phase of cooperation between ZTE and IPMA.

“According to the agreement, we will carry out in-depth cooperation with ZTE in training, qualification certification and other fields, and combine project management theory with practices to further improve the level of project management in the telecommunications field,” said Ou Lixiong, deputy executive director of IPMA China (PMRC).

In the future, ZTE and IPMA China (PMRC), through this strategic cooperation, will work together to thoroughly explore the new mode of project management, so as to enhance the capacity and management level in the telecommunications industry.

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